Sunday | 9am | 11am | 6PM




We’re a life-giving local church here for our city, nation and world.

We love to gather - all kinds of people, from every background and walk of life. We hope you’ll feel at home here and enjoy church as much as we do. At the core of why we do what we do is the belief that church isn’t just a good idea, but a God idea. It is His creation and His plan. It’s where we’re together, where we belong, where we flourish. It’s a reflection of Heaven.


We exist to build the church by developing flourishing relationships with God and people. 


It is a dream... to grow a church without walls, touching every segment of society, bringing a living Jesus to a dying world.

It is a dream... to grow a church of compassion that will reach the untouched, tell the untold, love the unloved, bring hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless, and become a friend to the friendless.

It is a dream... to grow a church so infused with God's life, love and passion that we are continually inventing new ways of giving it away.

It is a dream... to grow a praying church, standing on the Word of God, walking by faith, depending on the Holy Spirit, committed to each other, and our destiny in God.

It is a dream... to grow the family of God where home is together in God's presence, and everyone belongs.

It is a dream... to build a place where children love to come and grow, teenagers find meaning and encouragement, families are strengthened, dreams are fuelled, people are fed, and it is NEVER BORING!