Weekend Services

SURREY | SUNDAY: 9:00am | 11:00am | 6:00pm

Services at Relate Church are all about Jesus. You’ll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with contemporary worship music and a practical message. The whole family is welcome - Children are well cared for in a quality nursery and Relate Kids service tailored to their age and attention span. Your children are a top priority for us. If you’re joining us as a guest, we’ll make every effort to make sure you’re comfortable. We won’t make you stand up or embarrass you. Feel free to come and check things out - we know that finding the right church is a process. 

Wear what’s comfortable for you - you’ll find that there are many different expressions of style over here, and we like it that way. 


The Sunday Night is a weekend service, a 6 PM gathering at our Surrey campus. It is a fun, passionate, young expression of our House. It’s a service where our young worship team and communicators have an opportunity to develop and grow, alongside our pastors and seasoned team. The Sunday Night is purposefully geared toward connecting with this emerging generation. And here’s why - we deeply honour all generations, and together we are forever fiercely loyal to the one that is coming up. As a legacy-minded, future-invested church, we must be. 

So - is the Sunday Night a weekend service? Yes. Is it a young adults service? Yes. Is it a family service? Yes. It’s both/and/all. We can’t wait to see you there!


Kids church from 0-11. Vibrant music and an encouraging message. The parking is free, the coffee is hot. Plan your visit today!

We’ve been working to create a space for you to join us in the Valley. A space for exploration. A space for soul-seeking and truth-finding and relationship building. A space where all are welcome and no one is forgotten. A space where families grow and children love to visit. A space where you can call home.

It was just over a year ago that we began making plans to plant a life-giving campus of Relate Church in the City of Abbotsford, but the dream has been on our hearts for years. Now, as the day approaches, we’d so love it if you’d join us on the journey God is taking us on. Of all the pieces which have fallen into place, of all the connections which God has made as we lead up to launch, the one still missing is you. You’re invited to join us on the adventure of a lifetime. You never know the power of one decision until it’s already made. Make a decision to check us out on January 27th. We’re excited to see you there.