Thank you so much for applying to be a part of the Relate Kid’s Camp Leadership Team.  While we would love to take everyone please recognize that there are a variety of personalities, gifting and abilities that need to be at camp to provide the best for the kids. 

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Date of Birth
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10. Are you able to help with camp preparation during the weeks before camp?
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(If you are available to help with preparation but uncertain of the time and day, just let us know)
Please note the following : I agree to live in unity with all other staff, share the workload, and live under the authority of leadership. • I will assist to the best of my ability in maintaining high morals and Christian emphasis. • I will welcome instruction and seek to benefit from it. • I will be willing to perform ordinary tasks conscientiously and cheerfully. • I will come to camp prayed up and prepared to fulfill my responsibilities. • I agree to go above and beyond the call of duty to further the ministry. • I agree to attend all training sessions required for me. *