Thank you so much for applying to be a part of the Relate Kid’s Camp Leadership Team.  All applications will be carefully reviewed and while we would love to accept all applicants please recognize that space is limited and there are a variety of personalities, gifting and abilities needed to effectively operate. 


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9. (A) Do you have any acute allergies? *
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11. (A) Do you have asthma? *
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12. (A) Do you experience seizures? *
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13. (A) Are you under any form of treatment for an illness, condition or injury? *
14. (A) Do you have any medical or behavioural conditions that we should be aware of? * *
15. Do you have any dietary needs or restrictions? *
Please Note: If your application is accepted, as a leader all of your snacks and meals will be provided. We do our best to accommodate dietary needs, but alternatively you may be asked to pack your own food if it cannot be easily substituted.
18. While at camp, could you get overwhelmed by large groups of people? *
19. While at camp, could you get overwhelmed by loud/sudden noises? *
20. Based on your judgement, how good of a swimmer are you? *
24. Select the option that you think best describes you in each area:
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Are you able to help with camp preparation during the weeks before camp?
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(If you are available to help with preparation but uncertain of the time and day, just let us know)
Please read and accept the following terms : *
• I understand that by submitting this application I may or may not be approved and selected for my preferred role. • I agree to live in unity with all other staff, share the workload, and live under the authority of leadership. • I will assist to the best of my ability in maintaining high morals and Christian emphasis. • I will welcome instruction and seek to benefit from it. • I will be willing to perform ordinary tasks conscientiously and cheerfully. • I will come physically, spiritually and emotionally prepared to not only attend but engage in all meetings, planning and prep days, prayed up and prepared to fulfill my responsibilities. • I agree to go above and beyond the call of duty to further the ministry. • I agree to attend all training sessions required of me. • I agree to read, sign off and adhere to The Dream Team Honour Code. • I agree to read, sign off and adhere to The Child & Youth Safety Policies and Procedures. • I agree to fill out a Relate Kids Volunteer Application if I do not already have a valid one on file. • I agree to complete a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector check if I do not already have a valid one on file. • I agree to partaking in a personal interview. • I agree to reference checks. • I agree that I am, or will be at least 16 years of age as of this calendar year. • I have arranged appropriate transportation to and from all camp related meetings and events, and understand that I must respect myself and the team by being present and prompt at said times not leaving before I have been dismissed. • I agree to maintain good standing personal hygiene. I understand this includes showering daily and wearing deodorant.