Relate Generation


If you are in grades 6-12, we have a service just for you! This is a night specifically designed with you in mind. On a typical night, we come together for some epic games, great community, and life-giving teaching! This service exists to grow students in their relationship with Jesus, and with others.



6:30 PM-8:30 PM



It is our mission to create a space for young adults to thrive, and grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. We have recently launched a brand new weekend service, The Sunday Night.

The Sunday Night is a weekend service, a 6 PM gathering at our Surrey campus. It is a fun, passionate, young expression of our House. It’s a service where our young worship team and communicators have an opportunity to develop and grow, alongside our pastors and seasoned team. The Sunday Night is purposefully geared toward connecting with this emerging generation. And here’s why - we deeply honour all generations, and together we are forever fiercely loyal to the one that is coming up. As a legacy-minded, future-invested church, we must be. 

So - is the Sunday Night a weekend service? Yes. Is it a young adults service? Yes. Is it a family service? Yes. It’s both/and/all.

We see this as a great service for young people to be a part of. We also have Relate Groups that meet throughout the week for young adults. This is an awesome place to build healthy, God-centered relationships. We know that there is a place for you here. We can’t wait to meet you!