Some people have asked me what inspired the song Battle. The theme is pretty apparent once you look at the lyrics, but in all reality, writing this song was a literal battle. Seriously, nothing about it was easy. I spent months revising lyrics, writing countless melodies and staring hopelessly into the depths of my computer screen. Even with my best efforts, this project has presented one roadblock after another. Whether I meant for the theme to develop the way it did or not, ironically enough, the heart behind the song came from my pure frustration in writing it. 

Who here can honestly say that they’ve written a perfect essay on their first draft? At some point we almost all nurture this glorified idea that the things we pursue in life are the things that should come easy or natural to us. Yet despite my last minute attempts in university to pull of the “perfect” paper, I’ve come to learn that life is about constant revisions. The moment that we think we’re going to hammer out a final result on our first try, we’re setting ourselves up for a long night (or for myself, years) of disappointment. To be completely honest, I’m probably going to edit this post about twenty times before I finally submit it. Even then, it still won’t be perfect and I’ve started to learn how to be at peace with that. Expanding off of Voltaire’s original thought, author Brené Brown writes,

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. A twenty-minute walk that I do is better than the four-mile run that I don’t do. The imperfect book that gets published is better than the perfect book that never leaves my computer.”

We all have a battle going on in our life. Each of our struggles are going to look different, but somewhere along the line we all come to that place where we hit a wall. We’re going to fail, we’re going to get stuck, and at some point we’re just going to have to dig deep and keep on revising. Despite what we’d like to believe, I don’t think we’re ever going to feel strong enough, creative enough or even confident enough when we’re in the middle of our struggle. The doubt may linger, but the best part is that God is here to walk us through each step of our journey.

It’s taken me a long time to learn that God’s comfort isn’t like how we perceive human comfort - it’s not a feeling; it’s a spoken promise. The chorus of Battle goes, “Steadfast in your promise unfailing, I will sing until the battle is won.” Unlike human comfort that is only satisfying for a moment, His word is eternal and nothing in heaven or hell can shake it. When God says in Romans that He will cause all things to work together for our good, he means it. That’s His promise to us and we can stand on it. His word is built to last. 

So to everyone reading this, don’t let discouragement take you out today. Fight back, stand on the word of God, and don’t be afraid if it gets a little messy. Sometimes when we're feeling stuck the strongest, most perfect thing we can do is get up and try again.

JOELLE SEXSMITH   Joelle serves on our Creative Team playing bass, writing music and mixing sound. She's a gifted example of faithfulness. 


Joelle serves on our Creative Team playing bass, writing music and mixing sound. She's a gifted example of faithfulness.