Step 1: Get In Touch

Fill out the online form below. We'll get back to you about our team, Team Nights + the next audition date. Auditions are held 3 times a year.

Step 2: Audition

We have a two-part audition process. The first part is your musical audition. We hold "Open Auditions" meaning that you audition in front of a few people from our team. Don't worry! You'll be surrounded by the best cheerleaders and supporters. Part two is the follow up. We sit down with you and get to know you. We're looking to hear your heart for music, the church, and learn about your relationship with Jesus. Your heart is even more important to us than your skill, so we take this part of the audition very seriously.

Step 3: Wait To Hear Back

We will then send you a follow up email letting you know if we feel you're ready to play on the platform team. Whether you make it on the platform team or not, you are always welcome to come out to team nights so you can learn the songs and grow in your gifting. If you don't make it the first time around, it's only a few months till the next audition date! Spend the time in between practicing and preparing for it!


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If you make it through the audition process, you must attend 2 team nights before you will be rostered at a service (excluding Relate Interns). This provides time for you to learn the songs we play, get comfortable with the culture of the team, and get to know everyone. This may, but doesn't necessarily apply to current team members who are auditioning on a new instrument.