Most weekends our pastors are home and on the platform at Relate Church. They are most definitely Dad and Mom around here. We also consider it a privilege to release them to minister across our nation and around the globe. They speak to churches and large groups sharing a message of wholeness and hope, especially in the arena of relationships. John and Helen's wisdom is a gift to our local church and the larger family of God. 


Schone Aussicht Detmold

Deltmold, Germany

April 29 - May 2, 2017

Pastors John and Helen Burns


Cottonwood Church

Los Angeles, California USA

May 27, 2017

Pastor Helen Burns


Gather Winnipeg

Soul Sanctuary church

Winnipeg, MB Canada

June 3, 2017

Pastor Helen Burns


Inspire Church

Liverpool, NSW Australia

July 2-3

Pastor Helen Burns