We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and it is our mission to serve humanity. Community Care focuses on the under-resourced and marginalized in our community.

We consider it an honour and a responsibility to reach out far beyond ourselves, seeing the needs around us and meeting them well. Our purpose is to make those that feel invisible feel visible, bringing value and dignity in a practical way.


Our Summer Hampers for families in our adopted schools will be assembled on Monday, June 24 at 6 PM at Relate Church. The hampers will then be delivered to homes that week. You can serve by joining us on June 24 to help assemble the hampers, or by signing up to deliver hampers during the week. We also include a dozen homemade cookies in each hamper - If you enjoy baking, we’d love to invite you to bake some, package them in dozens and drop them off to be included in the hampers.