Encountering Prayer Course| Open to Everyone

We are here to equip, train, inspire, educate, and assist in growth and development of your personal relationship with Jesus through prayer. Perhaps prayer is something altogether new for you and you’re here to learn as a beginner, or maybe we’re about to open a door that will forever change your definition of prayer, either way we are here to assist in your growth; there is always room to go deeper and new areas to explore, because the truth is that prayer is personal!   There are tools, testimonies, and exercises that can help strengthen your relationship with Jesus and break down barriers to give way to the dreams the Lord has placed in your heart. It’s time to learn the real power of prayer!

PART 1: Developing a Culture of Prayer  

Learning to pray effectively is the first step towards developing a culture of prayer.  Strengthen your personal prayer life through learning foundational principles with practical application in a relaxed atmosphere.  
•    Exploring The True Character of God
•    Discovering Your Unique Design and Destiny
•    Developing Your Ability to Hear the Voice of God
•    Personalizing Scripture and Praying the Word of God
•    The Power of Praying in Agreement
•    Removing Obstacles That Hinder Answered Prayer
•    Creative Ideas That Will Facilitate a Culture of Prayer in Your Life & Home

Course Facilitators:   Rich & Carol Mills
Dates:   Monday - January 8, 15, 22

PART 2:  Advancing the Kingdom through Prayer

Building upon the lessons of Part 1, participants will expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities to include praying for others, whether one person or within a small group.  You will discover how hearing God’s voice is your key to prayer, and how knowing and understanding your spiritual gifts can be used in prayer.
•    Defining Spiritual Gifts
•    Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
•    How To Correctly Use Spiritual Gifts in Prayer
•    Small Group Dynamics
•    How to Grow in Your Ability to Participate in Small Group Prayer
•    How to Effectively Lead Your Small Group Prayer Time

Suitable for Individuals or Small Group Registration
No Course Fees: Manual Provided - Please Bring Pen and Bible
Part 1 prerequisite for Part 2

Date: TBA

Completion of Part 1 is required