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  • Fresh Prayer Life

    Monday, February 07, 2011
    Pastor John challenged us all last Sunday to take these steps to keeping our prayer life FRESH:

    Maintaining a Healthy Fresh Prayer Life:

    1. Regular times of solitary prayer =
    • Non-distracted communication with God, two-way communication
    • Like exercise, the more regular the easier it becomes
    • If you haven’t taken solitary time with God for a long time, a few minutes may seem long but slowly increase to where times flies in His presence
    2. Regular times of corporate prayer
    • God has given us GIFTS in people and through people to strengthen us corporately – Word of Wisdom, Knowledge, Prophecy, Tongues and Interpretation, Healings, Miracles
    3. Be available 24/7 for the Holy Spirit to help you pray protection and healing for your life and others

    How’s it going for you? What are you discovering this week?