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January 18

Angela Doell - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joel 2:12-32

Yup…our passage for today is brilliant! So full of encouraging promises that never end. If you have a chance, read through the entire chapter, finish the rest of the book, and read entire Bible! It’s definitely worth the time J. How amazing is our God? I feel so overwhelmed by His great love and His faithfulness. Francis Chan said it beautifully, “you couldn’t exaggerate God if you tried” He is just.. amazing.

I feel like the Holy Spirit  has been speaking a clear message throughout this fast: “Do whatever it is you need to do to come back to me. We’ve got a lot of work to do.” As Destiny already mentioned in her blog, there’s an invitation, a call that’s going out and it’s not just coming from Heaven; there’s a cry coming from our world for hope and answers and every moment it increases. Joel had a passionate love for God and people. He had the answer and did all that he could to give it to those who needed it. We have the answer, too.

I’ll never forget the message Christine Caine spoke awhile back. Her A21 team was able to rescue a girl from human trafficking and though they had come for her, she was hurting and angry. Through all the emotion, Christine heard her say the most impacting words: “Why didn’t you come sooner?”

This fast is so much bigger than any of us alone. It’s about strengthening us as individuals for the purposes of unifying our church body as a whole so that we can be whatever it is we need to be to this hurting world. Let our desperate prayers continue to shake and move Heaven. And let us who are from this “microwave generation” keep in mind that just because it’s called a “fast” doesn’t necessarily mean quick results or that 21 days will come sooner! These 21 days are nothing like a drive through window... We all know how frustrating it is when food takes longer than 10 minutes to make! Sometimes it’s hard to see above the hedge and it can cause us to forget why we’re doing what we’re doing, but let’s come to God in praise and thanksgiving, celebrating all that He’s already done and our victory in Him. He’ll help us remember why. We are making a difference and changing the world right where we are, and as we near the end of this fast, let’s keep on keeping on; not just for us, but for those who need us.

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